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Name Description Location Uptime Online Checked
Surf Gateway » Speedrun // Asia
Backup Backs up all the servers Stockholm, Sweden 99.857% Now 7 seconds ago
Bulgaria Clanwar Hosts the Bulgarian Clanwar servers Sofia, Bulgaria 100% Now 6 seconds ago
Central Hub Hosts the Database and Website, connecting all the servers Nuremberg, Germany 100% Now 7 seconds ago
Estonia Hosts the Freestyle, Speedrun [Talented] and Kreedz Climbing servers, records the action on all servers Tallinn, Estonia 100% Now 9 seconds ago
Surf Gateway » Deathmatch FFA
Surf Gateway » Speedrun // Europe
Surf Gateway » Speedrun // Europe [Easy Maps]
Surf Gateway » Surf Kill // Europe
Surf Gateway » Surf_ski_2 // NO JAIL
Surf Gateway » Surfcatch
Monitoring #1 Monitors all the servers Beauharnois, Canada 100% Now 9 seconds ago
Monitoring #2 Monitors all the servers Falkenstein, Germany 100% Now 9 seconds ago
Monitoring Hub Monitors all the servers, stores the monitoring data, hosts the status page London, United Kingdom 99.83% Now 7 seconds ago
North America Hosts the North American Speedrun server Miami, United States 100% Now 6 seconds ago
Surf Gateway » Surf Kill // Americas
Surf Gateway » Speedrun // Russia
Surf Gateway » Speedrun // South America
  - Every monitoring server checks each server's status every 60 seconds.
  - Uptime shows the percentage of minutes within last 30 days where the server was reachable from at least 1 monitoring server.